Welcome to Själastugan, the home of SpiritAwake

Our work is rooted in healing, animistic and shamanistic values.

By bringing back ceremony into our lives we connect with Mother Earth, nature and all that is important to us. The energy it creates can be powerfully transforming. This brings a different and clearer perspective to life and the path we wish to tread. 

Using these methods and by following the Celtic Wheel of the Year, here at Själastugan we travel the year with nature’s rhythm, ensuring balance and harmony between us, energetic trends and our environment. This is similar to many indigenous cultures who base their lives on an understanding of the land they are on and the cycle of seasons they experience. When this connectivity combines with environment, mind, body and spirit, an accessible community of support is forged. Addressing self-healing, personal responsibility and land amongst other things, helps us learn an integrated approach to a whole system of ways to upgrade our lives and become agents of change, both for ourselves and others.

Our work with Sacred Circles over the last 25 years is the foundation to much of our practice. By coming to Själastugan, on a land that is far from the usual distractions, this place of sanctuary gives our true selves a safe habitat in which to blossom. We offer that opportunity for others to experience too, whether you visit us, or we come to you.

Reiki tuition, initiation and individual healing sessions; Shamanic healing and counselling sessions; Meditation tuition and practice, are all available by appointment or within scheduled courses. We also offer a mentoring programme that guides you through your own Spiritual and personal development.

SpiritAwake shares with you ways to leave behind old patterning, helping you realise that you have choice in creating new vision for your life and power in manifesting the life you want.