Welcome to Själastugan, the home of Spirit Awake.

This is a place of natural sanctuary, a soul-shelter in the heart of Sweden. Courses and workshops are guided by two experienced practitioners, terry & Lynn Forrest who have a variety of skills including healing and Shamanic work, with a focus on heart consciousness, the elements, seasons and the natural landscape. Celtic spirituality is now a large part of what underpins all their work.

Healing, core animistic and shamanistic values are the basis from which all our work has flourished. Reiki is one of the things we offer, individual healing sessions are available by appointment plus scheduled courses with tuition in Reiki (see Events page). We also work with Sacred Circles as a foundation practice to much of our work and create ceremony at different places and times of the year (see About Us and also Events page).

SpiritAwake shares with you ways to leave behind old patterning, helping you realise that you have choice in creating new vision for your life and power in manifesting the life you want.

Some of the questions we seek answers to take a lifetime of unravelling; others can be satisfied with an inspirational moment.  With guidance from SpiritAwake you can discover your true self in a place of sanctuary, on a land that is far from your usual distractions by coming to Själastugan, or invite us to create Sacred Space where you are and make a nurturing environment special to you. Find out how to achieve a life of balance and harmony; where you can create a new story for yourself, reflect, re-focus and awaken to your new adventure.

Själastugan's Differing Moods

The Sami say this is the land of the Eight Seasons. This video gives you a brief view of a year in the life of Själastugan.