Kriya Yoga Meditation

Maha Avatar Babaji reawakened the spiritual practice of Kriya Yoga to bring about peace in the world. Paramahansa Aliyananda was one of only a small number of disciples Babaji commissioned to bring Kriya Yoga to the west and open the way for the World Peace Mission. Lynn learned this ancient breath technique for meditation from her and received initiation from Aliyananda to become an authorised Kriya Yoga teacher. Babaji taught that the highest praise to God could be sought through Kriya Yoga. It is the practice of yogic breathwork, simplified into five specific breaths, leading to deep meditation. The benefits of meditation are well documented. In addition to calming the mind, resting the body and connecting with spirit, Kriya practitioners awaken to peace within and therefore naturally become part of the World Peace Mission.

Lynn teaches the Kriya yoga breaths and meditation, offering regular group practice and development, leading to initiation by Swami Aliyananda if desired.

The 5 sacred breaths are taught simply in a day workshop, culminating in a deep meditation process which you can adapt for your own use. Further workshops,Initiations, Master classes and group experiences are offered to practitioners for their continued development.

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