“Själastugan ...meaning soul-shelter. A small cabin where refuge is sought from the harsh environment of the mountains, a sanctuary to re-group and give strength before stepping off once more into the world outside. A place to be fully rested, inside and out.” Quote from an old translation of the house name.

Our home is located in the village of Ytterhogdal in the heart of Sweden. Literally. It’s in the centre, the mid-point of the country, situated in a large valley basin surrounded by mountains. Själastugan is in the area sometimes called ‘the Venice of the north’, being surrounded by wonderful lakes, rivers and spectacular nature; almost as it was hundreds of years ago before man settled in this part of Sweden. The area is still the home of bear, deer, lynx and wolf, though these days you are more likely to come across roe deer and fox in the back garden than animals of the wilder variety.

A restful, spiritual adventure twinkles its light from the edge of the first wilderness of Europe, speaking to your soul, offering simple modern comfort, rest and relaxation in a rustic setting. Workshops and courses at Själastugan are mostly carried out in-house and on our own land and there is a dedicated workshop room where courses, healing and meditations take place. Sometimes courses are held in other locations, where the venue and event details specify.